Although Labor Day weekend is the end of Cool River's season, our aerial courses may be open select weekends and holidays through the fall. Please check our booking calendar or email to check availability.

Update: 5/22: We are back!

Our adventure courses and climbing wall will be open starting Sat May 23! We look forward to seeing you all again—but there are some important changes you’ll need to know about before you drive up:

  • Masks Will Be Required For Aerial Activities
  • Aerial Tickets Will Be Sold Outside: Tickets for Aerial Activities will now be sold and reservations checked in at the large Pavilion outside of Cool River Adventures. No need to enter the building.
  • Reservations are strongly encouraged: please make your reservations online through our website.
  • Our ziplines are closed for the time being, but our adventure courses and climbing wall will be open.

A word about masks:

For the safety of our customers and staff, we are requiring that anyone participating in our activities wear a mask. You might wonder why this is.

A significant amount of close contact between our staff and customers is absolutely essential to make sure people are harnessed up properly and are safe on our course. Given that some close contact will occur, masks will help us keep everybody healthy.

Thanks for understanding! You are welcome to bring your own cloth mask if you have one. And we will be providing disposable masks at cost.


UPDATE 3/21: Due to the rapidly spreading outbreak of COVID-19 (coronavirus) in Georgia - with the safety of our staff, guests, and community in mind - we have made the very difficult decision to completely close our facility and all courses starting immediately until further notice.

This is a difficult period of uncertainty, but we feel this is the right and necessary decision to do our part in protecting those vulnerable in our community. Although we’ve been implementing increased cleaning and facility protocols to keep areas sanitized and people at a social distance, we now feel those are not enough. The number of people directly affected by Georgia’s outbreak is rapidly increasing. During this time of closure, we hope all work together to limit the outbreak. Sadly, given other countries’ experiences with the highly contagious COVID-19, we’re aware that many more weeks of staying-in may be required before we can all safely enjoy social, non-essential activities.

We appreciate your support, and we will continue to share updates in the weeks ahead. 


As of 3/14/20, the situation related to COVID-19 (coronavirus) has been declared a public health emergency in the State of Georgia. In this serious and rapidly developing situation, our priority is the health and wellness of our community. As of now, we are only open on Saturdays and Sundays. 

For those planning to tour with us, know that we have increased our sanitizing protocol: 

  • We have increased employee handwashing and sanitizing procedures. 
  • We are cleaning all handrails, door handles, and full counters at the beginning of every hour. 
  • We are trying to clean the point-of-sale and customer-used counter area between each customer. 
  • We are keeping the doors open (literally) to prevent them from being used as much.
  • We are cleaning the commonly touched areas of the restroom (sink faucets, toilet flushes, counters, toilet paper dispensers, toilet seats, paper towel dispensers) every 1-2 hours. 
  • To the best of our ability, we are sanitizing used gear after each tour.
  • That being said, our facility and equipment cannot be fully sanitized. The nature of our aerial activities presents an inherent risk of transmission. You will be handling ropes and grabbing holds on elements previously used by others. It is also impossible to maintain the recommended social distance (of 6 feet) from guides and from others in your group. 

What you can do: 

  • As we have asked our staff, we request that any customers with flu-like symptoms and any who have a member of the household with flu-like symptoms stay at home and do not participate in a tour at this time. 
  • We are asking everyone to wash their hands immediately when they enter the facility and before beginning an aerial activity. 
  • We are asking participants to avoid touching their eyes, nose, and mouth at any time during our aerial activities and to immediately wash their hands at the conclusion of their activity. 
  • We recommend customers use cards when possible instead of cash. 
  • Always use a Kleenex for every cough or sneeze and dispose of it immediately. 

More generally, messages from public health agencies are:  

  • We're in this together - take what precautions you can to prevent the spread of this virus and to protect those most vulnerable to the disease.
  • Get a flu shot if you haven't yet! It will not protect you from COVID-19 but will lighten the load on healthcare services. 
  • DO contact a medical professional if you are exhibiting symptoms of fever, dry cough, and shortness of breath. They request you DO NOT show up at a doctor's office or emergency room with these symptoms before calling ahead.
  • Monitor the latest information surrounding coronavirus by following the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization (WHO) for up to date information.
  • Monitor cases in your community at Georgia Department of Public Health's Status Report, which is updated everyday at noon and 7pm. 

We are keeping those affected by this virus in our hearts and prayers. Stay safe and well!